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Tahitian Vanilla Extract

Known for it's aromatics, our Tahitian vanilla extract is the perfect addition to your next recipe. It's fruity, intense notes are excellent for baking and flavoring both sweet and savory dishes. Our 100% pure Tahitian vanilla extract (made from our own Tahitian vanilla beans) contains no added sugar, sweetener, or additives of any kind. This product, made in the USA is kosher, vegan, and uses grain-free alcohol.
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More about our popular gluten-free Tahitian vanilla extract

Our Vanilla extract is made up of a solution containing the finest Tahitian vanilla beans, grain-free alcohol and water. The flavor and fragrance of vanilla is contained in the oil of vanilla beans and seeds. When the oily beans are steeped in alcohol, the vanilla essence in the oil is dissolved and the flavor is extracted. The alcohol evaporates in the cooking process leaving the flavor of vanilla in your food.