Tahitian Vanilla Extract - 1qt Double Strength - Wholesale
Vanilla From Tahiti, Vanilla Extract - 1 Quart Double Strength - Wholesale

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Tahitian Vanilla Extract

Our two-fold vanilla extract is made with double the amount of beans used for the same volume of single-fold extract. This means you'll get a concentrated (double-strength) extract and will only need to use half the amount that your recipe calls for.

Our PURE Tahitian vanilla extract (made from our own beans) contains no added sugar/sweetener or additives of any kind. Grain Free Alcohol, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO Ingredients: Water, Alcohol 35%, Tahitian Vanilla Beans Extractives. There are no hidden ingredients.
Product Details
  • Not mixed with other kinds of vanilla beans (made with our Tahitian vanilla beans only)

  • Made with grain free alcohol
  • No sugar/sweetener added
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher certified by Orthodox Union
  • Made in USA