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"You guys have made a very difficult job so much easier. Every time I open a package from you, I smile and breathe deeply!"
–Pastry Chef Marian Getz
Wolfgang Puck Productions

An Interview With Executive Pastry Chef Marian Getz

We love to get to know our customers. We asked a few questions of world-class pastry chef Marian Getz, author of the Simply the Best series of cookbooks, frequent guest on the Home Shopping Network, and Executive Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck.

Are there any myths about Tahitian vanilla that you would like to dispel?

Yes, the myth that vanilla is too expensive is just BS. Do your homework and add it up. You can pay more for crappy vanilla but your dishes will suffer for it.

Also, the crazy myth that you shouldn't use Tahitian vanilla for hot preparations because some of the perfume will be lost. Of course flavors are muted when we manipulate them with heat, but the wonderful nuances are still there. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn't use Tahitian vanilla with heat! A change in flavors is true of most of foods we cook. For example, onions change dramatically during cooking, which is a wonderful thing, and many times extra onion is added at the end to add a fresh punch of flavor. Likewise, in some cases, a bit more vanilla is added at the end of cooking to add another layer of flavor.

How is Tahitian vanilla different from other types of vanilla?

Tahitian vanilla is totally different from others in the most wonderful way. To teach yourself the difference, smell and use them side-by-side. You will see and smell and taste the difference instantly. For me, the Madagascar beans and extract have a medicinal taste and smell that is just awful. You like what you like, and not everyone agrees on what is the best. For me, there is no contest! Tahitian rules!

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"From the first touch, you realize this is no ordinary vanilla. The subtle, tender and moist bean is intoxicatingly robust to the nose with a vibrant and powerful taste. I have just found my favorite vanilla bean"
–Roberto Cortez

"I would never buy anywhere else as I am so very happy with the products and Vanilla Beans from Vanilla from Tahiti!"

"I just wanted to thank you once again for getting the vanilla to me so quickly. It arrived on Tuesday, and my chocolates came out fantastic using your vanilla."

"The Vanilla Beans are always plump, moist and absolutely the best quality."

"Your vanilla beans are luscious - the most gorgeous vanilla beans I've ever seen and so fragrant."

"Tremendous quality!"

"I was shocked when the beans arrived. first off it only a couple of days to get here so I was impressed with that. secondly the size and aroma were overwhelming. I paid more per bean at the local supermarket that failed in comparison. By far an excellent site and product."

"Great product, great service."

"I like to make my own Coffee liqueur for Christmas and wanted several vanilla beans that I could afford. I went online to find this company had exactly what I wanted at a reasonable cost to me.They were very fast in their shipment and I was very satisfied with the quality of the product. I will definitely do business with them again.
I have never experienced the quality of service and caring that I experienced with this company."

"Great people, great vanilla, fast service and delivery!"

"I was interested in finding some vanilla beans and extracts suitable for a gluten-free diet and this vendor was a great help! Not only do they sell a vanilla extract that is prepared without grain or corn alcohols, they also sell wonderful Tahitian vanilla beans for baking and making your own extracts! Customer service was fast and helpful and ordered products were received within a few days of ordering. Highly recommend!!"

"I have never been on the organic bandwagon but these beans just exude a floral non-chemical fragrance."

"Hello, I just picked up the vanilla! It is wonderful. It will be perfect for my wedding cake. Thank You."

"Very timely shipping. Product wrapped properly to assure safe delivery. Product seems fresh but have not actually used it yet."

"Yesterday I received my vanilla beans. It took only two days for them to arrive. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I definitely will forward your name to other business associates."

"I was very happy with the products. Excellent vanilla beans."

"The ordering was simple and fast, I could not believe that I received my order in two days, "Wow". My questions also were answered very quickly. The best service I have ever received!!!!!!!"

"They are to be applauded and I hope them the best."

"What a wonderful company, such a pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend this company and will continue to do business with them. I received confirmation of my order quickly and also received my order immediately. I cannot express my satisfaction of this company's service enough. Thanks to Hiro, who has been to so kind."

"A great company and the finest product available."

"I was very happy with my ordering experience. I received it within 3 days. Also,I loved the way you kept me informed by e-mail about my tracking number. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!"

"The service was excellent and the beans were very nice and i would order again."

"I didn't have any problem ordering the product at all. There were pictures of the products and that really helped me, because seeing what I was buying was good feeling. Making payment on line was easy, everything went smoothly."

"I thought the site was attractive and easy to follow ordering instructions. So many times this does not follow. I have already received notification that my vanilla bean has been shipped and look forward to baking and cooking with it."